Girls Club - Edith And Marlene 1952

Foreign Policy Delusion - Obama And Sarkozy In 2011

Sunset At Home 19.11..2014

America’s 500th Drone Strike

As of today, the United States has now conducted 500 targeted killings (approximately 98 percent of them with drones), which have killed an estimated 3,674 people, including 473 civilians. Fifty of these were authorized by President George W. Bush, 450 and counting by President Obama. Noticeably, these targeted killings have not diminished the size of the targeted groups according to the State Department’s own numbers.


Snow Storm By Edna St. Vincent Millay

No hawk hangs over in this air:
The urgent snow is everywhere.
The wing adroiter than a sail
Must lean away from such a gale,
Abandoning its straight intent,
Or else expose tough ligament
And tender flesh to what before
Meant dampened feathers, nothing more.
Forceless upon our backs there fall
Infrequent flakes hexagonal,
Devised in many a curious style
To charm our safety for a while,
Where close to earth like mice we go
Under the horizontal snow.
Snowstorm By JMW Turner

SNP Rally At Glasgow Hydro 22.11.2014

This was the biggest political rally ever to take place in Scotland and I had the privilege to be there. Great music and inspirational speeches. Historic.

اضرام النيران في الإطارات ضمن جولات عصيان الحرية - سترة سفالة 22/11/2014 Bahrain

Courtyard in Bowe - Walter Steggles


US Unlikely To Defeat ISIS

‘No matter what resources, US is unlikely to... by chansieuoo

Scottish Folk Songs : My Love's In Germanie - Ann Prohaska

James Mackintosh Patrick - City Garden, Dundee (1940)

Anti-Treaty IRA Volunteers, Renmore, County Galway (1921)

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Albert Camus Letter To His Teacher After Winning The Nobel Prize

19 November 1957
Dear Monsieur Germain,
I let the commotion around me these days subside a bit before speaking to you from the bottom of my heart. I have just been given far too great an honor, one I neither sought nor solicited. But when I heard the news, my first thought, after my mother, was of you. Without you, without the affectionate hand you extended to the small poor child that I was, without your teaching and example, none of all this would have happened. I don’t make too much of this sort of honor. But at least it gives me the opportunity to tell you what you have been and still are for me, and to assure you that your efforts, your work, and the generous heart you put into it still live in one of your little schoolboys who, despite the years, has never stopped being your grateful pupil. I embrace you with all my heart.
Albert Camus



Not one of my pics sadly. The Scottish Wildcat is rarer than the Bengal Tiger. Saw a pair of them chasing a hare in Kyle of Lochalsh about 20 years ago. Didn't see the end result.

Unreleased Bob Dylan - Paths of Victory

Guide To Middle East Chaos

And to think the White House Press Office says US foreign policy is about 'creating stability' in the region. Guide and Key HERE


Blue Woman With a Guitar (1929) - Tamara De Lempicka

5.2 mln in need of assistance in Iraq

KUNA : 5.2 mln in need of assistance in Iraq - Amos - Politics - 19/11/2014

During the Security Council session on Iraq, Amos noted that several hundred thousand people were displaced in Anbar Governorate at the start of the year, yet the number of IDP's is now over two million across the country and the rate of displacement continues to rise.