Iraq - Diyala Mosque Attack Kills 68

Iraq Conflict Diyala Sunni Mosque Attack Kills... by garyquattrone

Monet - Sunrise (1892)

Hillary Presidency Will Change Nothing Despite This Polyannaesque Article

WITC note - Hillary is as as much of an Israel Firster as Dubya and even more than Obama.
2016 Election Will Redraw Road Map for U.S. National Security
Hillary Clinton has already said, in a blunt interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, that she favored early support to some rebel factions in the Syrian civil war despite the Obama administration's decision not to offer it. There are no indications at this point whether the two parties will agree or disagree on this. In all likelihood, the evolution of terrorist movements like the Islamic State in the next two years will be key.

Abadi Or a Goodie?

He's neither. He's an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill. Apols for the crassness of the commentary in these clips.


Iraq – a crisis for the Western elites? Or is it all going to plan? by Neil Clark

A member loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) waves an ISIL flag in Raqqa June 29, 2014 (Reuters / Stringer)
A member loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) waves an ISIL flag in Raqqa June 29, 2014 (Reuters / Stringer)
It has all turned out rather differently from how those very distinguished neocon “experts”’ told us it would, hasn’t it?
In the lead-up to the illegal invasion of Iraq in March 2003, we were assured “regime change” would lead to peace and stability and be good news for the whole region. The war on terror would be won, if only that great monster Saddam- with his world-threatening weapons of mass destruction- was removed from power. When asked by an interviewer: “If we go into Iraq and we take down Hussein?” the chairman of the Defense Policy Board Richard Perle replied: “Then I think it's over for the terrorists.”
“I have certainly made up my mind, as indeed any sensible person would, that the region in the world, most of all the people of Iraq, would be in a far better position without Saddam Hussein,” said Tony Blair.

Luxembourg Gardens at Twilight - John Singer Sargent

64 killed in Mosque attack in Iraq

64 killed in Mosque attack in Iraq - Independent.ie
It was not immediately clear if the attack was carried out by Shiite militiamen or the Islamic State extremist group.
Islamic State has been advancing into the ethnically and communally mixed Diyala province outside Baghdad and has been known to kill fellow Sunni Muslims who refuse to submit to its leadership.
The attack on the Musab bin Omair Mosque in Imam Wais village, some 120 kilometres (75 miles) north-east of Baghdad, began with a suicide bombing near the entrance, an army officer and a police officer said.

Good ISIS/Bad ISIS - US-Inspired Chaos in The Levant

The Good ISIS/Bad ISIS narrative being spun by the western securocrats is as mad and inaccurate as the WMD spin of the Iraq Invasion days.
How The US Helped ISIS Grow Into a Monster | Mother Jones

There are extraordinary elements in the present US policy in Iraq and Syria that are attracting surprisingly little attention. In Iraq, the US is carrying out air strikes and sending in advisers and trainers to help beat back the advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (better known as ISIS) on the Kurdish capital, Erbil. The US would presumably do the same if ISIS surrounds or attacks Baghdad. But in Syria, Washington's policy is the exact opposite: there the main opponent of ISIS is the Syrian government and the Syrian Kurds in their northern enclaves. Both are under attack from ISIS, which has taken about a third of the country, including most of its oil and gas production facilities. MORE

The Curse By John Berryman

Cedars and the westward sun.
The darkening sky. A man alone
Watches beside the fallen wall
The evening multitudes of sin
Crowd in upon us all.
For when the light fails they begin
Nocturnal sabotage among
The outcast and the loose of tongue,
The lax in walk, the murderers:
Our twilight universal curse.

Children are faultless in the wood,
Untouched. If they are later made
Scandal and index to their time,
It is that twilight brings for bread
The faculty of crime.
Only the idiot and the dead
Stand by, while who were young before
Wage insolent and guilty war
By night within that ancient house,
Immense, black, damned, anonymous.

Israeli citizens hold key US government positions: Report

PressTV - Israeli citizens hold key US government positions: Report
A long list of senior US government officials and legislators hold dual US-Israeli citizenship, proving Tel Aviv’s powerful influence over Washington’s decision-making process.
Apart from the significant presence of Israeli citizens at sensitive non-elected federal positions such as head of Homeland Security, a large number of Israelis sit in the Senate and House of Representatives.
The Israeli lawmakers at the Congress have the power to propose and vote on crucial bills like waging wars on any country, forcing the US to veto any UN Security Council resolution unfavorable to Israel, and approving funds and lucrative government contracts in favor of Israel.
The prominent US-Israeli officials in the list include Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Chairman of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board Richard Perle, former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowits, Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith, National Security Advisor Elliot Abrams, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Marc Grossman, Director of Policy Planning at the State Department Richard Haass, US Trade Representative (cabinet-level position) Robert Zoellick, Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board Eliot Cohen, former UN Ambassador John Bolton, White House Political Director Ken Melman, White House Speechwriter David Frum, Deputy Secretary of Commerce Samuel Bodman, and Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board Henry Kissinger.

Young Woman In Black - Mary Cassatt


US Bombings in Iraq Could Help Obama Win the real war. The Ratings War.

Is the United States About to Ramp Up Its Fight Against ISIS? - The Daily Beast 
After the president’s speech Wednesday U.S. officials revealed that special operations forces conducted a secret rescue operation earlier this summer in a failed bid to free Foley and other American hostages held by ISIS. In a statement Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said the mission “was not successful because the hostages were not present at the targeted location."
The president, who came to office on a pledge to pull troops out of Iraq, has avoided signaling any renewed military commitment in the country. But the reality in Iraq has never entirely matched the official rhetoric, and while it is apparent the president has no interest in signing on to an open-ended mission, military officials have suggested that current operations could be enlarged.