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Israeli Spokesmen

Israel-Gaza conflict: The secret report that helps Israelis to hide facts - Comment - Voices - The Independent
On every occasion, the presentation of events by Israeli spokesmen is geared to giving Americans and Europeans the impression that Israel wants peace with the Palestinians and is prepared to compromise to achieve this, when all the evidence is that it does not.

Syrian troops, ISIS face off in Raqqa - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

Syrian troops, ISIS face off in Raqqa
ISIS forces squared off against Syrian government troops in Syria’s central Raqqa province on Friday, seeking to capture a key strategic military base. ISIS claimed to have overrun the base and executed soldiers of the 17th Division stationed there, but local sources said that the Syrian government remains in control of key areas and is bringing in military reinforcements.
Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat, director of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdul Rahman said that fighting is ongoing in the area around the military base.
“ISIS fighters have not captured the headquarters of the 17th Division as has been claimed,” he said.
The base is home to 900 pro-government forces whose fate remains unknown, Abdul Rahman said.

Humming Bird, Lafontaine, Ontario, July 2014

Fox in Black And Blue - Franz Marc


1000 dead Palestinians. But Israel has impunity

One Thousand dead Palestinians. But Israel has impunity - Comment - Voices - The Independent 
There’s something very odd, isn’t there, about our reactions to these two outrageous death tolls. In Gaza, we plead for a ceasefire but let them bury their dead in the sweltering slums of Gaza and cannot even open a humanitarian route for the wounded. For the passengers on MH17, we demand – immediately – proper burial and care for the relatives of the dead. We curse those who left bodies lying in the fields of eastern Ukraine – as many bodies have been lying, for a shorter time, perhaps, but under an equally oven-like sky, in Gaza.

Netanyahu and Obama Still Talking of 'Humanitarian Ceasfires'

UK Arms To Israel


Iraq crisis: End 'very near' for Christianity after Isis takeover

Iraq crisis: End 'very near' for Christianity after Isis takeover, says Bishop of Baghdad - Middle East - World - The Independent
"The Christians are in grave danger. There are literally Christians living in the desert and on the street. They have nowhere to go," he told the programme.
"We do not want Britain to forget us. We - and I'm saying 'we' talking like an Iraqi Christian - have always been with the British because they have already been with us.
"Individual churches, individual Christians in Britain, have been a bigger help than anybody around the world."

Visit To Southern Ontario

Just back from a holiday deep in rural Ontario around the First Nation, native villages at Georgian Bay.  Substantially occupied by French Canadians now, there are still some native Wendake tribespeople (the colonists called them by the derogatory name 'Hurons' from which the Lake gets its name) around there. 'Hurons' means something like 'ruffians' and locals say it derives from the Wendat or Ouendake hairstyles. In Penatanguishine where we were staying the Jesuits had formed a mission in 1639 at St. Marie. This had the effect of dividing the Wendat people many of whom clung to their traditional beliefs. It also provoked their neighbours, the Iroquois. The Iroquois attacked the Jesuit village of St. Joseph in July, 1648 and massacred many of the inhabitants. This was the end of the Jesuit occupation in the area. It had been a disaster for the local people. Formerly numbering some 25,000, by 1650 their numbers had been decimated by 70%. The Pope visited the site of St.Marie a few years ago as if the episode had been something to celebrate.
The Wendat were a highly organised people with a complex spirituality. An agricultural people, they were divided into 4 tribes, Bear, Cord, Deer and Rock. The name Wendat means 'dwellers on the peninsula'. Penatanguishine is Ouendake for land on the high peninsula.

Scottish whisky: history, brands, distilleries



Festival Du Loup, Lafontaine, Ontario, July 2014

Great music festival at the Great Howling in Georgian Bay last week with 'Grouyan Gombo' leading the dance music. I caught this short clip on my camera.