ISIS Hits Back In Anbar

ISIS-Held Oil Refinery Attacked By Iraq Militia

Iraq exhumed 470 bodies from Tikrit mass graves

Iraq exhumed 470 bodies from Tikrit mass graves - Yahoo News
In June 2014, armed men belonging or allied to the Islamic State group abducted hundreds of young, mostly Shiite recruits from Speicher base, just outside the city of Tikrit.
They were then lined up in several locations and executed one by one, as shown in pictures and footage that has emerged since.
Some were pushed into the Tigris river, others hastily buried in locations that were discovered when government and allied forces retook Tikrit from the jihadists about two months ago.


Tony Blair resigns as Middle East peace envoy


Clinton Emails Reveal French and UK Intelligence Plans To Break Up Libya

ISIL suicide bombers kill 55 in Iraq's Karma town

ISIL suicide bombers kill 55 in Iraq's Karma town - Al Jazeera Video

Yemen - Latest Sanaa Airstrikes

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Maiolica Basket of Fruit, 1610

Airstrikes Rock ISIS Positions in Iraq and Syria

Raining Fire: Airstrikes rock ISIS positions in... by linnetsnipe

Options For Containing ISIS

Options to stem Isis threat in Iraq by hisspant

L'Etat islamique en cinq minutes

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NATO 'Cornerstone' Of Global Security - Obama

El plan de Irak para aislar el Estado Islámico

KFC In China


Yemen - Recent Footage

Houthi fighters survey what seems to be the remains of a Saudi military convoy (wb 25 May, 2015)

Iraq - Stop Another Military Intervention

The destruction of the country´s infrastructure, its army and its middle class has left a failed state that leaves its people in social misery and chaos. This has resulted in the collapse of the health and education systems, the weakening of the social fabric and the collective memory and national identity of the Iraqi people. Foreign plans to divide Iraq threaten its very existence as a state. More

Assad Regime Launches Airstrikes Against ISIL

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