It ain’t half hot here, mum Why and how Westerners go to fight in Syria and Iraq


Islamic State Executes US Journalist Steven Sotloff

Details of Attack on George Galloway MP

Alleged attacker of controversial British MP Galloway faces court today
“I was walking down the street in Notting Hill in broad daylight and getting into my car when two Moroccan guys approached me. One of them said he was leaving Britain the next day and would love a photo with me for his cafe back home. I stood in the road shaking hands with him as his friend took a picture.” 

Galloway then described how, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a man “powering towards me like a bat out of hell.”
“He laid into me and was effing and blinding [cursing] about the Holocaust. He looked like the type who works out and moved very fast. He punched me so many times I kept thinking, ‘When is this going to stop?’ “But it didn’t. I went into what boxers call ‘peekaboo style,’ like American heavyweight Floyd Patterson when he fought Muhammad Ali, covering my face and eyes.”
The MP added that his attacker got frustrated his punches were not getting through, and that he had been kicked toward the curb.

Israeli Settlements Explained

Are We Wired To Ignore Climate Change?

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Don’t Even Think About It argues that the answers to these questions do not lie in the things that make us different and drive us apart, but rather in what we all share: how our human brains are wired, our evolutionary origins, our perceptions of threats, our cognitive blindspots, our love of storytelling, our fear of death, and our deepest instincts to defend our family and tribe. Read More

Israel’s ‘land for lives’ is theft. Pure and simple

Israel’s ‘land for lives’ is theft. Pure and simple - Comment - Voices - The Independent
It was instructive to learn the Israeli-Jewish Etzion council regarded this larceny as punishment for the murder of three Israeli teenagers in June. “The goal of the murders of those three youths was to sow fear among us, to disrupt our daily lives and to call into doubt our right [sic] to the land,” the Etzion council announced. “Our response is to strengthen settlement.” This must be the first time that land in “Palestine” has been acquired not through excuses about security or land deeds – or on God’s personal authority – but out of revenge. 

US Attacks in Somalia, Including Drone Strikes

South Damascus 1.9.2014

Source - Syrian Press

La Costura By William Merritt Chase

L'arrel del cor (Català)


Abu Ghraib - More photos to be Released?

Judge signals he may order more Abu Ghraib photos released - Chicago Tribune
Hellerstein said he would let the government submit additional evidence justifying its finding before ordering the photographs released. He scheduled a hearing for Sept. 8 on the issue.
"During the course of this litigation, I have reviewed some of these photographs and I know that many of these photographs are relatively innocuous while others need more serious consideration," he wrote.
The Defense Department did not immediately comment on the ruling.

BDS - Boycott Israeli Goods